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Related article: Date : Fri, August 29, 2008 September 53rd 12 -0700 ( PST ) From: Glenn freemen u003cfreemeng2003 yahoo. ca u003e Subject : Brother -in -law Ben Brother -in -law Ben by free men freemeng2003 yahoo. ca Ben is my brother - in-law. A tall, dark-haired, good-looking sports -minded s brother -in-law, who have a great sense of humor is done with a big smile and laugh with him to go. I'm your average North American 36 - year -old man, blond build, medium height and with a sense subtle and insidious n of humor. I love, fun to play non-hazardous joke on friends, and generally enjoy life. Ben was married to my beautiful sister, when both were 19 for reasons of pregnancy thing. Four children later, are still in order, and both do s own things. Football coaches, plays hockey and goes out drinking with his friends at least once a week. Never was very friendly at first of their relationship, mainly due to a different group of and friends my age - which is 5 years younger than me. asHowever, in recent years have come to appreciate our sense of humor in the celebrations of the family, if you have a room that usually come to see the over two sitting on the couch watching a or play a game little pool (which is much better than me), or wasting time playing with his kids out. This story actually begins in the last few weeks that I have your ( home) happened. I s sister had decided to return to school to complete the course, can to get the title, so it remained in the residence during the week and came home the weekends. Babysitters, sisters and friends Nn Preteen Pics helped usually at night, , but this particular week, no one was available. Since I am a contract worker, had a few weeks and I offered to help. When Ben called me the plan ready, I wanted to make sure I was OK do it, and just beat me to move in the week instead of driving back and forth.... if I wanted. We could hang out at night after the kids left a bed. They had a nice house, buton the other side of town. All I had to do was be there when the children came home from school, and boil dinner some - and that was season playoffs to watch hockey so much. day - okay, and I actually had other plans, so it will stay. Ben saw disappointed, but once again assured me with my luggage the next day. And the next day, when our friendship was a little more. Tuesday was a busy night. I was there for the children, made a great dinner, we all ate together, and he took his two children to their activities. When he got home, I helped the children to the bathroom, bathed her daughter and then put their children in bed, while I saw something on TV. When he arrived, s down, he said he was taking a shower and join in the s me with a "help yourself, what you want. " So I took a beer and began just something. Now, her house was an old house with an add -on. While they were three bedrooms upstairs n had a fourth bedroom and bathroomon the main floor, just outside of the living room was in Ben, out of the shower with a towel around his waist and a towel to dry hair. that s stood beside me watching what I saw, and said once more in a minute. The man, who had a great body. When he returned, it was just really loose with a pair of shorts, , obviously command with a beer in hand. In this large room, which had its choice s, sit anywhere, and sat down beside me. That was a good sign for friendship, I thought. I felt very close to him anyway. So we sat in silence again , or in response to television. In the commercial break was recorded in with me and made ​​sure everything was fine and thanked me for helping him to bathroom for their children. To bring the conversation, I said : - "I realized that he chose not to circumcise their children who are the first in the family. " " Well, not the first, " he said. He lifted his pant leg and I was the head of his cock, partially circumcised. then put the shorts again. " Cool" I said. " So well, the first in the law is not cut" So all the effort , we started talking about cut vs. uncut cocks, how to teach your kids s in the foreskin to clean, etc. when finished speaking, we stayed quiet n for a while. Then I asked if he could see his back, since n "I have never seen a cock uncut closed. No doubt, raised the pants the leg and showed me once again. n "You can feel if you want to care, " he said easily. no issue, which reached over, and for about 5 seconds, I felt his cock with my thumb and forefinger and then I account ( and points ) that n home, clumsy, a bit like the two of us said "oops" while. I took my finger and pulled his pants down again, so that s not betray his penis. we both laughed a little embarrassed. as I drank my beer, I thought, "hmm, I just play my s brother-in -law isButton "and felt pretty good. " Much of the difference, "he asked ? " Well, you do not have a lot of skin that hangs at the top, as I see with other guys, so it does not show much to the whole head. "I said so we talked uncut for the next couple of minutes cutting the pros and cons vs, and as soon as it began it was over. No problems, only in fact, \\ \\ n it takes about 30 minutes or so and completely -. nothing, said, "Well, uh, Would you mind if I see your feeling? There was something like the two in the the same time. I've never felt another man 's penis before, and that.. well - hey - fair is fair right? I just want to see the difference. Oh, man, I knew that if he touched it, I skipped an erection in no time, so I thought, , rather than warn. "Oh, man... really ? I know I blushed, n , and even at 35 I felt like I was playing again with my best friend 9. To Ben, I'll have to say I am very sensitive - if someone touches thancomes to life in a second. " " Damn, man I do not care. Jump more nonsense than you ever will know, "laughed he Just to finish once I opened it and pulled it out, and when I saw that realized that I precum drooled a little contact with him before. " What is this," he said, rubbing his precum on my button. I hit arm and told him, laughing at hell. he laughed and elbow me in the n joke. " do you have to do, and that's it", I laughed. So Ben took his penis again, touched his head with one hand, and my to the other, then changed hands back, then began to twitch for n and forth and immediately began to have an erection I grabbed his hand and \\ \\ n said, "Well, that's enough - I think you know what it feels like ".. laughed to know this dirty little laugh, he made ​​me. then we have n seen the rest of the game and called it a night. When he left on foot on the lights, I noticed a significant dent in your shoreal -time strategy, it sure it is heavy, semi -hard, but safe. I was not sure what s wrong here, but I thought it would be more to come. The next night, everything was pretty normal, except for the children were at home. We only went to romp in the park, came home and did not have much of all. The next night, but I was about to get an idea of ​​their own craftiness. DC on Tuesday, who won two of the children to play, etc, followed by younger bathroom. But he and the eldest son took a shower together. So, basically, was the only man in the room with the clothes. While I end of the bathroom, came out of the shower with his eldest son, took a towel and ran to his bedroom. While I was the youngest in one out of the tub and Ben was next to me asked me if all " was in order " to her other son. When I gave it, was his glorious penis protruding nice dark bush, is based on pocket of a good size with these powerful mechanismmore moderately hairy legs and very pretty feet. That was all in a natural look. I looked up a him and winked. " All done mate "? He raised his son in the bathtub and wrapped in a towel wrapped in towels, and trotted into the bedroom. I knelt on the floor beside the tub, face flushed and obviously excited, and bi -curious my car was the seizure of power. Since I knew I wanted not only touching his penis, he wanted to play around with it. He was a sexy. as usual, when the children were in bed, we went to the living room. that s said he would eat a couple of beers and something. I collapsed on the couch, stretched a bit and returned with of beer and a bag of chips - and totally naked. " So, uh, beer, chips, and I'm sorry, just a hot dog. " Then she shook her tail around a little , and at that point I said to hell. He asked me to sit, n Scooch on him, and suddenly I was sitting with my best friend s his brother - in - law. I did a little uncomfortable kicks away and so he started a fight around with my words I did not want to be naked schlong in my hand and tell him it was his house and he could not ith he wanted. N we had fun for about 5 minutes until it finally feels aked in my lap that keeps me out. Continued to move around and press down pressure on my cock and the man who began to harden. I pushed on removing it were me, but somehow our legs intertwined with each other, their naked, my clothes. We laughed a lot, but was captured easily in to each other as we watched the movie and ate potato chips. He was incredibly comfortable and sexy and manly and good. Her bare legs stretched out in the sense, and when I looked at it, I could see his face, in the queue. I really do not want to move because it felt so good and I think that is in the same way he felt. We put on our feet from time to time to time, but not kept separate, but more intiMate. At the end Nn Preteen Pics of the movie was his foot on the side of my face and my arm is on his thigh. He had a great body and a Nn Preteen Pics really nice looking cock. I ask how difficult it seemed. The film was completed and is the first time we saw if more than one second. There he stood, legs apart, to see his cock, and I legs covered by it. " Well, I think it's time to go to bed," almost as if we had sex. " Oh man, it's so comfortable here. " I said, grabbing his feet and press on the side of my face. He threw back his head and smiled , and then slowly rubbed his thick hair. "I know what you mean," he said. There is a sexual frustration in his voice, Nn Preteen Pics and I know we were both at the time of the decision. The two were wince at each other. She gave me a look that said - when I asked n and I do not like, that Punch Out. But if the words out of his mouth, he said " ummm, Sorta, sort of, I do not know.... I kind of to know how you feel. " Ben disentagled slowly away from me, be sure to bring your foot just the pressure in the tail a few times, and then he stood up and said," can help me these friends pants. " unzipped me and pulled my pants and underpants and reveal my hard drive tap n. laughed and pulled his pants the rest of the way. I decided to that will take the initiative. His next step was easy and warm.. incredible that easily climbed over me and our two hard cocks met for the first time principle had not done so well on me, it was easy to play - roll dick s - a hint of pubis against the pubic bone, and two complained of mild pleasure n. Then he threw me, and the tail wrapped to each other. not actually kiss, but the front in trouble n one another, as they writhed, and gradually felt a tap explore the other side. We have this for a long time, along with the groans and menLaugh and smile, surrounded by the smell of her body, and the intimate contact hairy legs together, smelling the armpit and near his face. Finally, could not stand, and I wanted to finish, I whispered, as he n together, we feel each other and the impulses of our taps as pumped our seeds. was so amazing. The Nn Preteen Pics two fell asleep and woke up together in the same position for 5:00 Nn Preteen Pics to 1:00 hour before he was in the rule. The two were drive, but I want to be caught, so both of us with an incredible smile sexy, stood in silence and went to bed itself. I was calm and peaceful throughout the day, and yes - stood firm the greater part of it. I washed it. I wanted the feel and smell of his semen in the n me. The next night, parents take their children voluntarily, so that if got home from work, they packed up and shortly thereafter disappears. kept his head down and said he wanted to take a shower, but maintained that is along time. I do not know if he wanted me to come to him, or if I thought things were a little uncomfortable, so I sat down and started flipping through a magazine. When he made the bathroom, went to of his room and came out with a shirt and shorts old over again. He stood before me a minute, then sat beside me. I say s that I felt like I was with all my best friends in a tree house I - huddled read comics, except that they were adults, so that is a good feeling about the other. He put his hand on my leg, "Are you okay ?" He asked. " Oh, well, right? " N He just nodded yes. Then I told my sister who is married in a few hours. I nodded my head. "Is there anything I do," asked not looking. We sat there for a few minutes in silence, only in the vicinity. Well, that might have meant to eat or play golf, but to recognize what he had done the night before, I assumed it was talking about sex. without what he saw: ".. I want to cum in my mouth I suck n for a while" He leaned back and smiled. He threw back his head and closed his eyes. "You n sure " he asked quietly. for a minute, wait ` cause, though I thought it was safe and very nervous about sucking my brother -in-law, I realized I had to tell all days. " Yes, I would," I replied. All was silent again, and then slowly raised and lowered shorts revealed an incredible erection that will be in my mouth was in the second. It was a nice big hard cock with balls, and I realized that always ready for sex. "How can you do about it? " He asked, smiling while standing close to my face. I reached out and grabbed his penis and then release. " Right here. How about just extending the face? The sofa is great and it is your cock. " He laughed, and then we started our movement. I just put my head in my s on the pillow, and crawled on his knees on the couchIng on both sides of the my ​​body and slowly made ​​his way to this great man was hanging tail in the face. I took him and stroked him a bit, and then bent and supported in the arm and put it under his penis in my mouth. There was, he was in breathing in your pubic hair smells bad, and way for the first time. It was great for him in my mouth and I did nothing except the feeling that in my mouth and his balls against my chin for a few minutes. Then I started to lick and suck, and that to play with me, rubbing his cock on my face, put it in my mouth, my ​​ear, the touch of my hair, then moved to lick her n balls. And so for about an hour. Sometimes we stopped for a few minutes, but his tail would remain deep in my throat as we relax, then starts pumping again. At some point, we both knew it was time to finish, and I began to stutter, the base of its tail while flicking the head with my tongue, then Hiscking hard. "Well my friend, here comes", and just start spraying on the tongue and then swallowed him while he was my throat. Pumped slowly, and I loved it. Then he retired and left the rest of the penis in my mouth, then my ​​face, and then again in my mouth and then broke hard with my face. I my ​​arms around her ass and sucked deeply. "Fuck," he whispered, "Your sister would not even swallow my juice. " Then he has down more on the face and squirmed a little. He left me and return to earth and relaxed on the couch. " Shit Ben, that was incredible," he said with satisfaction. We s were silent again for a few minutes. "... It's a great smell and taste of his Step is a break delicacy Will do it again, " laughed, and said - speaking as a businessman - "absolutely but a This time, let that double. " I got up, dropped my pants and slid down so my cock was in her mouth, and was with me. I watched as he licked and sucked,and shuddered a little , and licked up the precum that was when I sucked n him. I grabbed his muscular thighs and put it on me. This tail incredible man who had access. So lay back and forward to enjoying our new level of friendship, mutually exclusive adore the cross, laughing, smiling, sucking, blowing, smell and suck a little more. We decided to try to cum together, almost works, but because he had not cum before I started, explosion in the mouth, but did not remain long in the mouth. Just is kept shaking not because it was on the cheek. I took return to the top of me and he asked me, my face, and made it shit. Nice Nn Preteen Pics and hard so his pubic hair was in my nose. I massaged her big balls while he fucked my the mouth and then stopped, pushed hard and ran again. was broken again and I fell asleep a few minutes when I heard voices. I was scared to death that it was my sister, and shook Ben awake. trying to dress when we realized that in fact neighbor children. We found a good hug, rub crotches others. " You know, Brad, I do not ignore this... what to do next weeks "? I told him about my work did not start for a week, so... I available. We have chosen a number of precautions to be one of the to children woke up and went downstairs. So we hold onto our T -shirts, clothing our short, which could have easy access. It was time for me to go, had to pee, but he did. The two went to to the bathroom together and sour. I loved looking at his big man - Hahn. that s has been fantastic. I told him I could not not go. So I sat n in the toilet and put his penis into my mouth. No hard, but it was like a friendly farewell. looked at me and said: " Brad, that our part of the Friendship Family cocks - whenever we can. " Began to And something wonderful between two good friends.
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